18 July 2012

Towards a powerful federation of Europe

Donetsk Euroclub is happy to present a series of essays on the topic "Future of Europe" by former members of Euroclubs. Essays were submitted for a competition to participate in a Youth in Action exchange in Norway. Essays are presented as received.


The European Union is the largest regional association of suprastate, that conduсt a common policy in the spheres of trade, agriculture, transport, customs agreements. The world’s experience has shown that the supranational economy has gradually transformed from a free trade area to a full economic and political integration. It would be logical to assume that the future of Europe - is the creation of a single European State. Being a single State Europe will lose its main strength: in the context of globalization EU will have to create and preserve exclusivity and uniqueness of each nation of EU member state.

Integration processes in the European community suggest the best option of the EU expansion possibly its transformation into a Eurasian Union. Regarding the creation of a single state: Mikhail Bakunin spoke about the prospect of the European federation, or the same was said by Coudenhove Kallergi in his book "PANEVROPA." It will allow Europe to be united, while retaining their national identity. The EU member states are not prepared to absolute integrity (evidenced by the signing of the referendums on the "European Constitution" and the Lisbon Agreement.). But they are ready to be a powerful absolute force, united, indivisible, but national-identical!! This is its difference, it would allow the union not to fall victim to globalization, as it occurred to the greatest empires and alliances.


The single currency the euro brings and keeps the states, its collapse will not happen. It is not profitable not only to EU countries that have given up on the euro, but also Germany, which has gained huge capital. Recently, Germany controls Europe's banking sector and this is a serious cause for concern. Despite the strong statements like "we are against the German Europe, we are for the European Germany" (Guido Westerwelle). Agnela Merkel will inevitably take the opportunity to transfer the economic control into the political mainstream. It will lead to dissatisfaction with the majority of EU member states. I see the future development of Europe as a community of equals. And since Germany could not be a dictator in EU, as well as its hermit (for the German economy is completely dependent on the euro) it will have to reckon with the other states. France, in a recent a close friend of Germany, has opted for equality and is building its policy on a dialogue and cooperation with other EU states. These dialogues are designed to protect European interests aimed at fighting the regime of austerity and high unemployment.


The number of Muslims in Christian Europe is constantly growing, it is evidenced by the statistics. It is logical to assume that if today we have a 6-7 per cent of Euro-Muslims, then 2025 will show us a different rate: 30-40 percent. Since any restrictions on Islamists are prosecuted allegations of racism - Europe is to rely only on honesty and moderation of Muslims. Now a religious minority has endeared the government but to assume the appearance on the map of Europe is not the creation of regional Muslim states in Europe, i.e. the introduction of Islamic law in the European Muslim community would be true. To avoid such an outcome Europe would give a new meaning to the European idea , outline the exact edge of what it means to be European. And the people who live in the states of the EU will not be divided on ethnic, religious or economic basis, but will be a single European nation, a powerful federation of Europe!

Author: Valeriia Shyrokova

At the moment Valeriia is a 5th year student of the Journalism department and a graduate of the Belgian club. She is member of the organizing committee of the Estonian club and a deputy of the first convocation of the nationwide modeling of the government of Ukraine. Also she was part of the youth delegation to the NATO headquarters in Brussels and at the moment works as a reporter of regional representation on TV channel “Piaty Kanal” (5th Channel). Active social position is an integral part of Valeriia's life. She became a member of the European Club at the age of 13. Within the scope of the Belgian Club activities, she helped organize training sessions on leadership and modeling of the work of NATO, "Partnership for Peace", UN General Assembly and the local school self-government. Another area was volunteer work and holding of the celebration of Europe Day by Belgian club in several cities in Zaporizhzhia Oblast and city of Zaporizhzhia. Having finished the school, Valeriia moved to another city, where she became an active member of the twin-club "Estonian club". There she helped organize schools of democracy, round-table discussions on urgent topics, models of the UN, NATO, the European Parliament and of the City Council.
Valeriia's responsibilities in the intellectual association "Estonian Club" include: organization of activities and moderating modelings and conferences. Also, during the last 3 months she conducted trainings on leadership in several European Clubs in Zaporizhzhia.
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