18 July 2012

Future of our country and future of whole Europe depends on each of us

Donetsk Euroclub is happy to present a series of essays on the topic "Future of Europe" by former members of Euroclubs. Essays were submitted for a competition to participate in a Youth in Action exchange in Norway. Essays are presented as received.

In this essay I would like to tell you a story of one great decision which challenges the life of more than 503 million people.

It was one of the brightest days of springtime when Robert Schuman delivered his speech to the public and appealed to public in order to unite all the European countries. 42 years later this initiative has been officially signed and gave a birth to one powerful entity – European Union.

From times to times, different storms were trying to paralyze EU: economic crisis, high debts and internal disagreements. Nowadays, a lot of people are on the crossroads: would EU crash as Samuel Huntington predicts for big “empires” or would it flourish and strive for excellence?

For non-EU countries this union is associated with integration and cooperation, equality, common decision and rules, Europe without borders and freedom of movement. EU is an etalon of democracy, innovations, high standarts, good quality of living and great possibilities. Moreover, young people are not feeling like they have lost their identity, they have inner feeling that they are more Europeans than Britains, Poles or Germans. EU becomes a platform for development of potential of the countries. And now we can see that a little cracks appeared on this platform. Some people are talking about separation of EU on Eastern and Western Europe, some of them prognosis that in a few years on the territory of Europe will be confederation of countries…

On the my point of view, the future of our country and future of whole Europe depends from each of us. We can talk a lot about people who are sitting is the decisions-making bodies, we can talk about politics and other influential figures, but the crucial part depends on us. It is hard to believe that the future of Europe starts from our houses and from us. In a few years my generation will take a places in the offices, raise the economy, start to make decision which will influence on others. It’s a huge responsibility because we will be those who will lead the country. No matter what kind of professions do we have: doctors, lawyers, traders.. who we are inside only matters. Do we have global mindset to live in multicultural environment? Are we tolerant and loyal to demonstrate integrity? Are we educated enough to make positive impact on society?

To sum up, I would like to say that we are writing this future and pens are in our hands. As someone said: “A long trip in 10 000 miles starts from the first step”.
Author: Liliya Borovets

Two years ago Liliya finished school in the town of Velyki Mosty where she was a member of Euroclub “The children of Europe”. For several years activities in the Euroclub has been the key interest of Liliya and helped her choose her future speciality. Now she is studying at the faculty of International Relations at Lviv National University after Ivan Franko. Members of Euroclub were gathering every week, talking about global issues, they organized festival “Week of Tolerance”, participated in different contests. Liliya participated in the “All Ukrainian Olimpiad in European Studies” in Donetsk in 2008. For her this competition was like a breath of fresh air, because she realized how to combine my interests in Politics, History, Geography and other subjects. In 2009 was the event which divided Liliya's life on “before” and “after” – her team won the competition “Europa Nostra” among  Ukrainian Euroclubs, awarded with an unforgettable study visit to Belgium. Being involved into non-formal education, Liliya also had a chance to participate in youth exchanges in Poland, Armenia and Sweden.
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