18 July 2012

Future of Europe is in its return to the spiritual form of Europe

Donetsk Euroclub is happy to present a series of essays on the topic "Future of Europe" by former members of Euroclubs. Essays were submitted for a competition to participate in a Youth in Action exchange in Norway. Essays are presented as received.

When I was a child, I never thought about the future, when I became a teen-ager I attended euroclub at my school and I start analizing and thinking about it. Now I am 19 years old and I am sure that youth means enthusiasm, readiness to do anything, to create something new. We can bring a lot of change, remove corruption, be active, enhance our talents, inspire others. I’m sure- each and every youth has enormous force! My hope is that non-governmental public organizations will make a commitment to initiate a development facilitation effort in a community.
QUALITY OF LIFE IS DEVELOPMENT! The world is in constant changing and development, so we can’t be isolated. I visited some European countries taking part in different projects and programmes and saw the life of people there. European life-stile, standarts of living, protection of civil rights,democratic values, equality before the law... always impressed me greatly.
So, I’ll try to express my thoughts about the future of Europe, which faces a lot of problems now. The problem with euro, fragility of eurozone, the hybrit nature of European economic and political integration, EU’s democratic dificit...I don’t agree with the words that " the EU is a fair-weather construction and works only in the absence of economic troubles". I think that every country of EU demonstrates a shared feeling of belonging.

I want to stress on some points which have to make everybody think about the future of Europe. Why? I’ll make you analize and do conclusions for yourself. OK? EU is important for our safety. It does make me feel a little more secure and looked after. Europe is in the vanguard of nations working peacefully together. Confrontation and conflict are replaced by cooperation and concensus. Once, being a schoolboy, I took part in the contest, which was held under the slogan:"Safe country, safe Europe, safe world". To my mind, it’s a philosophy of security. Strength of Europe is in its solidarity and unity.

EU law is now supreme. I think this is an example of doing its job well. Let our Ukraine gain the experience!

Europe has to be open! I dream about the ability to travel to other countries and work there easily. I also want to have a chance to discuss and debate, to share perspectives on new security threats and prospects for a more peaceful prosperous future. With whom? With the european youth because it’s our common affair. There are different EU programmes, which are very useful for all of us.

I also see the future of Europe in its return to the spiritual form of Europe. It’s very enlightening and important in these times of global challenges, of stress, of crisis. I associate the future of Europe with the spirit of free criticism, real democracy, ability to overcome difficulties...Stronger together, united in diversity- in these symboliс, well-known words is the future of Europe and there are many grounds to be confident in this long-term successful future.
Author: Oleksandr Shvets

Before entering the Faculty of International Relations at the Volyn National University after Lesya Ukrainka in Lutsk, Oleksandr studied at Lutsk School # 25. He was in School Euroclub "Eurostar" from 9 to 11 form. When he was there he took part in diferent events and competitions. In April 2008 Oleksandr achieved 3rd place in the competition 'Knowledge about EU', among pupils of Lutsk. In May 2008 he achieved 3rd place in the competition for 'Knowledge about EU', among pupils from Ukraine and Poland. In October 2008, 2009 he was a member of the project “Secure Ukraine, Secure Europe, Secure World” among pupils from Volyn region. In December 2009 Oleksandr achieved 2nd team place in the competition “Europa Nostra” in Kyiv among pupils from all parts of Ukraine. In May 2010 he won the competitions on EU Studies among pupils of Lutsk and from Volyn region.
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