17 July 2012

Future of Europe is in the hands of young generation

Donetsk Euroclub is happy to present a series of essays on the topic "Future of Europe" by former members of Euroclubs. Essays were submitted for a competition to participate in a Youth in Action exchange in Norway. Essays are presented as received.

The future of Europe is in the hands of young generation. We need to bring up active citizens who will be able to take an active part in the life of European states. Hopefully, Ukraine will be among them.

Moreover, the future of Europe is based on the European values, such as diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance, honesty, freedom, humanity, democracy, equality, respect of the human rights. People with different backgrounds live together peacefully.

On the one hand, each nation has its own national identity; on the other hand, multicultural Europe is great in its diversity. The more people participate in different professional and cultural workshops, trainings and projects, the more they understand how much they have in common and what is more - to share with others. Living together in the European Union, different nations get the best from each other. 

In Europe moral values are very precious. This brings up responsible and diligent citizens. The key to effective collaboration is open communication among partners, flexibility and tolerance.

Modern Europe respects older generations, pays much attention to these issues. No doubt, in the future Europe it will remain the same.

Furthermore, the future of Europe is closely connected to voluntarism. Many NGOs engage people in volunteering and charity. The more people do good things, the more they raise their self esteem and make our planet better. 

To create comfortable surroundings for their living, people have to think about the environmental issues. Scientists are working on building solar and wind power stations. Furthermore, people will take care of green forests and clean rivers.

But the most important feature of future Europe is that it will be the most peaceful and the safest part of the world built on collaboration, friendship and mutual understanding. I am for the future Europe.

Author: Oleksandr Nayavko

Oleksandr is a former member of the Novyi Rozdil School Euroclub "Promin Europy". He thinks it was crucial for the development of his leadership skills to be engaged in such developmental opportunities, which are available to members of Euroclubs. He has learned a lot about the European Union and its structure. Participation in the Euroclub has influenced Oleksandr's personal development and leadership skills. Euroclub started promoting changes in the local environment and now School Euroclub has definite achievements. Participation in the euroclub work offered innovative approaches to engage children, youth and their parents in interactive activities and projects. They discussed different questions of European values, organized workshops and trainings, played Euro Bingo. Now Oleksandr is a student of Lviv Medical University. He travelled to Greece, Italy, Hungary with a dancing group promoting Ukrainian culture in these European countries. They were warmly met there. Being a student, he still participates in the Euroclub activities. This year Oleksandr was a volunteer during the celebration of the European Day in his home town of Novyi Rozdil. There was a regional forum of Euroclubs and 120 participants from the whole region came to this town. He helped with the organization and took pictures and shot the video. Oleksandr also helped the volunteers from different countries, who participated in the forum, to get around the town and to communicate with other participants. During Euro 2012 he was a volunteer at the medical center in Lviv.
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