18 July 2012

European Union is the most successful stereotype of international organizations

Donetsk Euroclub is happy to present a series of essays on the topic "Future of Europe" by former members of Euroclubs. Essays were submitted for a competition to participate in a Youth in Action exchange in Norway. Essays are presented as received.

This summer I have a great chance to travel around Europe and see the working mechanism of European Union. During three years of studying of international relations I’ve learnt lots of information about this topic, but the experience of EURO 2012 in Ukraine where I was an official volunteer has finally makes clear what Europe is like indeed. However, I have no doubts about successful future of this system.

Probably, the main connecting link between European countries is its mentality. European values bring together all the existing components, each of which is imbued with the spirit of unity and cooperation. But we should remember that every mental aspect had to be accompanied by hard work and absolute confidence of all members. Nowadays, EU has difficulties with relatively new members, such as Greece and Portugal. Don’t you think these countries reached the limit of confidence and crossed the deadline? Maybe EU should just exclude them? I am sure, that such step will definitely undermine the credibility of European Union, as one of the leading international organizations. So, in future EU would be most prudent to expand its borders.

Let us recall the intentions of Ukraine to become an EU member…To be honest, the expectations differ a lot from reality. We still have an amount of defects in Ukrainian political, economical and, moreover, social system. But nevertheless, Ukraine has an undeniable chance to qualify.

In my opinion, European Union is the most successful stereotype of international organizations. The top intention of every country in Europe is to be the part of this system. That’s why European future is predetermined by the activities of the EU, its widening and further growth.

The main topic of my research work is the development of gender processes in international relations and its influence on political life of countries. In this sphere, I’d like to say, that Europe has already reached a high level of progress and isn’t going to retreat from the initiated. The abovementioned fact has a great influence on the world’s gender processes in common, and particularly in Ukraine. My country has done only first steps on the way for gender equality, but that is already a good job!

In conclusion, I can say one thing – Europe will never step back from its basic principles and will continue to evolve and improve.

Author: Maria Panasii

Maria studies at the Donetsk national university on the major “International relations”. She graduated from the Mariupol School "Intellect" for the gifted children and Mariupol artistic school after  A.Kuyndzhy. Maria was official volunteer from UEFA at EURO2012 in Donetsk. In 2009-2010 she was a volunteer at summer camp “Solnechnyj” on the Azov Sea, working with children from orphanages. She was a volunteer at the Donetsk-based Center for Political Studies, monitoring the 2010 presidential elections in Ukraine.
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