09 July 2012

Euroclub is inviting active youth to discuss Future of Europe in Norway

The project “Future of Europe” within the Youth in Action Program 2012 will host a multilateral Youth Exchange, which will take place on 3–9 September in Drammen, Norway.

The exchange will bring together youth from such diverse countries as Norway, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. This project will encourage young people to reflect on European topics including European Citizenship, and to involve them in the discussion on the construction and future of the European Union.

On this basis, projects will have a strong European dimension and will stimulate reflection on the emerging European society and its values . The participants, 6 young people + 1 group leader from each country.  Total number of participants including Norwegian group is 30 youngsters + 5 group leaders.

Duration of the project:
  • The Activity starts: 03-09-2012
  • The Activity ends : 09-09-2012
  • Total duration of the Activity (in days): 7

70% of travel expenses will be reimbursed after providing as with all requires invoices and originals of tickets, and all accommodation and food costs will be covered for the duration of the training course.

Donetsk regional youth organization Euroclub is seeking active youth from all regions of Ukraine, who are former or current participants of Euroclubs, to take part in the exchange. Age limits: 18-25. Fluent English is a must!

To apply for participation, write a short essay (not more than A4 page) on the topic "Future of Europe" and send it together with a cover letter, briefly summarising experience at a Euroclub, motivation for participation, and contact details of coordinator at the Euroclub, who can provide reference. All papers should be in English. Don't forget to include your complete contact details.

All correspondence should be sent to doneuroclub@gmail.com. DEADLINE is 14.07.2012!
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