18 July 2012

All people in Europe will follow European values

Donetsk Euroclub is happy to present a series of essays on the topic "Future of Europe" by former members of Euroclubs. Essays were submitted for a competition to participate in a Youth in Action exchange in Norway. Essays are presented as received.

We live in Ukraine. And Ukraine is a part of Europe. And we, the youth, are worried about the future of Europe. As for me I see Europe united, friendly, without wars. After the Second World War the problem of peace was very actual at around Europe. I think, the European Union was created for supporting of peace in Europe and for helping each other in any difficult situation.

I hope Europe will be strong and without any natural disasters. And what is the main thing for me Ukraine will be the richest European country. All Ukrainians will be able to travel around Europe without any visas. And people from different countries will not be afraid of visiting Ukraine.

Youngsters will go on doing youth exchanges on various interesting topics and help to solve temporary problems.

All people in Europe will follow European values. And of course people rights. We will respect them.
Author: Boris Us

Boris is a former member of Euroclub "Euro Mix" at Kharkiv school № 91. He currently studies law at the Kharkiv National University of Home Affairs.
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