04 February 2012

Council of Europe helps teaching human rights in schools

‘Rights and freedoms in practice – teaching resources’ is a new education pack published by the Council of Europe. Designed for secondary school teachers, it makes both a theoretical and a practical contribution to classroom discussion of human rights with pupils aged 14 to 18.

It provides learners with vital information about the Strasbourg Organisation, the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights and the way cases are dealt with. Nine worksheets – each focusing on a particular article of the Convention – illustrate the fundamental human rights that a democratic society should ensure.

Helped by their teachers, the pupils can use these teaching resources to analyse and discuss human rights, do exercises involving simplified case studies, familiarise themselves with legal issues, understand how the Court works and apply the knowledge acquired about human rights in Europe.

The pack is available on the Council of Europe website in English, French, German, Russian and Turkish: http://www.coe.int/AboutCoe/media/interface/publications/fiches_dh_en.pdf.

Printed copies can be ordered from: docrequest@coe.int.
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