28 September 2013

Ukrainians shouldn't bear arms - discussion of the US Constitution

Joined today by Mike Martucci, an experienced English teacher, program administrator, and sports coach from California, participants of the American Club in Donetsk discussed the U.S. Constitution. 

Having learned about the separation of powers, checks and balances provided by the Constitution, as well as the first 10 ammendments known as the Bill of Rights, Ukrainian youth discussed topical issues related to the U.S. Constitution, including the right to bear arms (2nd Ammendment). Most voiced their opposition to the idea of a similar right for Ukrainian citizens.

Discovering Armenia... How to survive in a reality show and be happy

We offer you a creative report by members of the youth exchange in Armenia - which, as it sometimes happen, did not go quite according to European standards. 

For the first time, we saw an ad in a Facebook group that participant for Youth in Action in the city of Sevan in Armenia were sought after, and the truth is, we do not know much about it or the city, nor about the country to our great shame. And yet, something inside of us called upon to take part in this project, especially since the topic seemed to us very interesting - "GMOs and the health of young people", you see, is very important for a student of any major! And, as already experienced "team" European Club Donetsk, we went to discover Armenia...

23 September 2013

Video-question: Katya, Mykyta and Danil to Geoff Pyatt

Katya, Mykyta and Danil asking the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoff Pyatt on differences between the US and Ukraine. 

Katia Kadubovska is 9 years old, Mykyta Yarmysh is 11, and Danil Savkevych is 8, all three are residents of Avdiivka, Donetsk oblast.

02 September 2013

Eyes wide open on the world around

Moldova seemed like wonderland to activists of the Center for Political Studies, who visited it for 7 days - from 13 to 20 July 2013 in the small town of Vadu lui Voda, situated on the right bank of the Dniester River, 20 km from Chisinau. 

In this wonderland was an international training in the framework of the EU "Youth in Action" on "Participation of young people - the success of future change." The project involved eight countries - Denmark, Romania, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. We - three students from Donetsk - were lucky enough to represent our country on this training. All of us have been delegated by the organization "Center for Political Studies" for active participation in the Debate and speaking clubs.